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What does this rocking chair have to do with books?

Curious? I’ve moved my blog, so find out more at

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I’m moving!

[Picture: Stack of old books, light background]My blog that is. Up to now, I’ve been using two different platforms for my website and my blog, which was not the most practical. I’m finally getting around to doing some more imaginative things with my website; being ever so slightly technophobic and techno-illiterate, I’ve been putting this off for ages! Using, I hope to have everything in the one place. It could all go horribly wrong and I loose everything, including your good selves following my tales of antiquarian books. But if not, it will be great!

So, from today, I will be writing my blog posts at Looking forward to seeing you there!


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January 8, 2015 · 3:46 pm

Book conservators on the loose again at Calke Abbey!


‘Temple of the Muses’, Finsbury Square, London, from Rudolph Ackermann’s ‘Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce [etc.]’, vol. 9 (1809), plate 17.

Happy 2015!

Although Calke Abbey  had closed to visitors, there was plenty of behind the scenes conservation activity at the beginning of November. Caroline Bendix, the National Trust’s advisor on historic libraries, and her team of book conservators were back in Derbyshire for two weeks and yours truly was allowed to volunteer with them. Continue reading

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